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Simulation Series: 2019


Simulation - 1

Watercolor on 300gm Fabriano paper,

30" x 22" (2019)

Available for sale as a series

A long gestation period was required to conceive and give birth to this event in consciousness: The One Self of All expressing Itself as Creation. Everything is included as self-expression in action, force, and joy. The painting process itself is the expression of this action, leaving no space for separation or duality to emerge or interfere.

About the Simulation Watercolor Series

The  "Simulation and Transfiguration" series of 8 large watercolors on 300lb Fabriano paper and 1 Large Diptych Oil depict our human perception and the creation of a reality manifesting as collective consciousness superimposed on the original Matrix. The first three paintings define the actual simulated reality as we perceive and actualize it while the last four point to the inherent and potential Transmutation available to us.

To discuss showings and/or purchase of Marika's work,
please contact her directly at +1 (719) 937-7782

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